Laser Land Leveller

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Laser Land Leveller is an agriculture implement to level uneven Agriculture Land with the help of Laser Guided Leveller. Why we emphasize on plain land because the germination of seed or plant is badly effected because in uneven land even distribution of water is not possible for each plant. And this results in uneven crop growth and less production. Uneven land requires more water and more time to irrigate field completely. Laser Land Leveller makes the land plain and water reaches to every corner of the field quickly. leveling of land in a perfect manner means maximum use of water, improvement in maximum crop production in lesser irrigation time with less investment and more gains.

Laser Land Leveller manufacturers exporters india punjab

Optimization of Water Use
Better Crop Growth
Less effort in crop management
Level land with Precision
Less weed problems
Uniformity in crops maturity
Time saving in completion of task
Easy land preparations
Less Water Requirement for land preparations.
Better Land Leveling weeds by 40%
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